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Driving School Wandsworth - Finding The Right Instructor

Driving school Wandsworth based may be what you're searching for. It's likely that you'll be looking for the most affordable lessons you can find. But a crucial element to the success of your driving lessons is your actual instructor. There are a number of ways to check out the quality and proficiency of your driving instructor in advance.

When looking for a driving school London, you will obviously look for an instructor to be fully qualified. An ADI – Approved Driving Instructor – will display their green badge, indicating that he or she has completed their driving instructor exams and has a full licence to teach. However, some instructors may actually be PDIs – Potential Driving Instructors – who are not yet fully qualified. A good driving school will always indicate whether or not your instructor is a trainee and you should be offered a concession on rates for your driving lessons London wide if this is the case. You are also free to ask an instructor how they performed at their last assessment. Instructors are assessed on an ongoing basis every two years and will either receive an A grade (85% or over), a B grade (60% or over) or a fail (less than 60%). An instructor who fails isn't necessarily removed from the register and will be assessed within a short period of time again to see if their grade improves. It's also important to consider prices too. While a driving school may offer you initial lessons at a discount, you may find that later lessons end up being more expensive than other schools – nullifying the original savings.

At Atlas Driving School, our fully qualified instructors can offer you a discount if you block book your lessons with us. Our prices are transparent and can be viewed at – no nasty surprises included! So if you are looking for a driving school Wandsworth, call us on 0800 955 3000 or email