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Driving School Tooting: Passing Your Theory Test

Driving school Tooting is what you'll be looking for when it comes to your practical test, but what about your theory test? While we appreciate how a great quality driving instructor can make all the difference when it comes to the practical, a lot depends on you when it comes to your theory test.

But don't worry – we've got some tips. The theory test has to be performed at one of the nation's 160 test centres (a number of which are in the south and east of London). The test will cost you around £30 to book. The most obvious solution is by studying. The 50 questions for your theory test will be picked from over 1,000 questions – and you need to answer 43 correctly. You have a total of just 57 minutes to answer the questions. You can, however, get a DVSA handbook specifically for your theory test – full of example questions and tips too. It's worth revising this and getting friends and family to quiz you on the contents. When you're ready, you can then do a mock theory test exam – allowing you to work out if you're ready for the actual test or not. The hazard perception test then follows the multiple-choice questions – which consists of numerous videos showing different hazards when driving. You can, however, visit websites where you can practice spotting hazards in an interactive manner. The hazard perception test requires you to answer 44 correctly out of a 75 to pass. So while you're between driving lessons London from a driving school London based, it's good to work on your theory test as much as you can.

And to ensure that you do that, you're going to need the best instructors to teach you. At Atlas Driving School, a driving school Tooting based, we provide fantastic teaching at great prices. We also feature free online theory test practice when you book lessons with us. Visit for more info, call 0800 955 3000 or email