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Driving School Sutton - How To Fit Lessons Into A Busy Schedule

Driving school Sutton lessons will obviously help you prepare for your driving test, but what if you're finding it hard to fit in your driving lessons into a busy schedule? Perhaps you're a student with an active social life? A professional with a family to look after? Or perhaps you're caring for a loved one?

These situations are very common for a lot of people in the UK today, so finding driving lessons London based that are flexible is vital. It's thought that a driver will require up to 50 hours of practice with a professional instructor – as well as 20 hours of private practice – to pass their driving test. As lessons generally last between one hour and two, that means you're going to end up with something like 30 or so lessons at least. So if time is an issue for you, these facts may be depressing. But never fear: there are ways to fit lessons into your schedule. One great way is to communicate with your driving school London instructor about pick up and drop off times and locations. Due to the mobility of a car, instructors can be flexible when it comes to where they meet you. For example, if you've just finished work, your instructor can be there to pick you up, do your lesson, and drop you off back home – making good use of the time you would usually spend commuting. There are also weekend and early morning options if you're willing to sacrifice the little spare time you have – or make more time by waking up a little earlier in the day.

And at Atlas Driving School, we're extremely flexible when it comes to giving you lessons. We cover the whole of the south and east of London, so if you're looking for a flexible driving school Sutton way, look no further – you've found us! Call today on 0800 955 3000, email or visit