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Driving School Romford - Things For Young Drivers To Consider

Driving school Romford way is what you're looking for – and if you’re a young driver, then chances are, you're no doubt hunting for the cheapest lessons you can find. However, this could end up being a mistake that costs you in the future. So much of driving depends on a system. And to drive well, you need to learn that system correctly.

The reality for young people looking for driving lessons London wide is that one in five drivers who have passed their test within the past six months will have an accident. While accidents can happen, the statistical significance of the above figure is pretty stark. And if you're a 17-year-old guy, that figure becomes even scarier – 40% of 17-year old males will crash within six months of passing. Whatever the reasons behind this happening, you'll want to ensure that you are not part of the above statistics. So what can you do as a young person? Well, you should focus on finding a driving school London way that offers quality lessons. While young people in particular have the tendency to try and find the cheapest lessons possible, due to financial constraints, the reality is that this will undoubtedly be a contributory factor in so many of them crashing. When it comes to driving lessons, spending that little bit extra may end up saving you more money on expensive repairs due to a crash – and saving on the embarrassment of that too. Good driving instructors won't just teach you the bare bones to pass the test; they will also give you a comprehensive experience. This will help ensure that you don't feel the fool - or worse, get badly injured - in the future.

At Atlas Driving School, we can help. We cover south London and east London. So if you're a young driver looking for a driving school Romford way, don't settle for less. Our comprehensive lessons ensure you have less chance of becoming one of those statistics. Call today on 0800 955 3000, email us via or visit