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Driving School London – Why Is It Worth The Bother?

Driving school London: if you live in London and ever feel the need to get behind the wheel of a car, at some point you’ll need one of these. Driving is a major life skill, and learning to drive is a big step in anyone’s life. You can certainly get friends and family to guide you as you learn, but you should look at cheap driving lessons London based if you are serious about learning to drive. A professional can help you get make the progress you need to make towards passing your practical test and qualifying. But instructors can also be expensive, which begs the question, are driving lessons London ultimately worth it?

Driving Lessons London That Help You Pass

Once you are 17 years old and have a provisional driving licence, you will be able to get behind the wheel of a car. Friends or relatives can help you learn to drive, but they have to be over 21 years old; have held their licence for three or more years; and be qualified to drive in the vehicle you are using. If you are paying anyone to teach you to drive, they must be a qualified driving instructor. And if you want to pass your test and are living in London, you are better off with a driving school London based company. Safety is the number one priority when it comes to learning to manoeuvre several tons of metal on UK roads! Bad habits learned from friends and family who aren’t qualified in helping someone pass a formal driving test can be hard to break, so it is best practice to learn the correct method from the outset. When you learn with a driving instructor, whether at a driving school Romford or in Brixton, you will be learning safely from day one. After all, ultra-safe driving is what you will need to demonstrate in your practical test. Remember that it is notoriously hard to pass a driving test the first time, so be prepared to try a second time. But a driving instructor is trained to impart the information you need to pass, so learning at a driving school Sutton or elsewhere is the best strategy to employ. Knowing you are in good hands will also allow you to learn confidently and with less stress.

Driving School Brixton Or Anywhere In London With Pass Plus

If you live in Brixton, for example, finding a driving school Brixton that doesn’t break the bank might be a difficult feat. Of course, this isn’t a problem in Brixton only. You will find that finding a good, affordable driving school Lewisham based, or indeed anywhere else, presents the same problems. However, finding an affordable school is entirely possible, and some driving schools still offer good rates. Even more important that finding cheap rates, though, is finding quality teaching. Value is the watchword here, as something might be inexpensive, but terrible value over the longer term. If you are shelling out for a driving instructor from a driving school, you need to make sure that you are receiving quality guidance. Always check you are investing in a fully qualified and experienced teacher who can offer you a timetable and training program which is best suited to you. Also, look for added services offered, for example the Pass Plus scheme. Not all driving schools offer the Pass Plus, but they should – it’s a good indicator that the school takes its responsibilities seriously. New drivers are ten times as likely to be involved in an accident, and Pass Plus is a certified training program designed to help newly qualified drivers learn more advanced driving skills like motorway and night driving. It can also pay for itself, by reducing your insurance premium if you qualify with Pass Plus. Atlas Driving School is one such school that offers this fantastic scheme.

Quality Driving School London Tuition From Atlas Driving School

At Atlas Driving School, our driving school London wide understands how important a step learning to drive is. Our teachers are fully qualified, and perfectly suited to potentially nervous young drivers, but also drivers of all ages. Our rates are extremely competitive for driving lessons London wide, and to see for yourself, why not go to We also offer great rates for our Pass Plus scheme, helping newly qualified drivers improve their skills and confidence. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Alternatively, why not speak to one of our team over the phone today? Just ring us on 0800 955 3000.