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Driving School Ilford - What You Need To Be A Learner Driver

Driving school Ilford options are there for you to choose from; but before you get round to picking an instructor, you need to learn a few things about the laws and regulations of being a learner driver. While there aren't too many things to learn at this stage, it's better to be prepared than not.

You're no doubt aware that you have to get a provisional driving licence so that you can start getting driving lessons London wide – as long as you're 17 or over, of course. However, you can actually apply for a provisional driving licence as early as 3 months before you turn 16. You are, however, not allowed to start with a driving school London way until you're 17 and in physical possession of your provisional driving licence. And while this provisional licence does allow you to drive while under supervision, you're not allowed on the motorways. You are, however, allowed to book your theory test as soon as you want; so it can be a good plan to get studying for your theory test before you get your provisional through the post. When it comes to starting to drive, you are of course allowed to practice with a friend or family member – however, it's important to remember that any car used needs to be covered with learner driver car insurance. Short term insurance can be taken out for this purpose too and sits separately to any policy on a car – which means there's no risk to losing no claims on someone else's policy.

So when it comes to looking for a driving school Ilford, there are a few things to get right before you do so. But once you've got the above covered, you needn't worry about finding the right driving instructor – you only need to contact Atlas Driving School. You can visit our website at, email us via or call us on 0800 955 3000.