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Driving School Goodmayes - Getting Your Show Me/ Tell Me Questions Correct

Driving school Goodmayes is what you're no doubt looking for. Getting a good instructor is extremely important to ensuring that your test is as successful as it can be. If you fail, you're going to have to spend more money on further lessons – so it's not worth cutting corners.

One of the aspects of your final driving test relates to 'show and tell' questions. This has been in the practical driving test since 2003. In it, the examiner will ask you one 'show' and one 'tell' question at the beginning of your test. If you answer one, or both, of the questions incorrectly, this will be one fault. While it's not enough to fail you, it does add pressure to your final driving test. It's therefore important to your chances of passing, and your confidence levels, to ace this part of the driving test. There are only so many questions that can be asked – unlike the thousand or so that could appear in your theory test – so preparing for it is far easier. An example of a 'tell' question is: 'Explain how you would manage to change a tyre out for a spare?' An example of a 'show' question is: 'Show me whereabouts you check a car's oil level.' Don't worry if you feel like it's all too much to remember: a good driving instructor, from a driving school London way, can help answer any questions relating to your driving test that you have during your driving lessons London.

And at Atlas Driving School, you can count on our fully qualified and experienced driving instructors to advise and teach you everything you need to know for your practical test. So if you're looking for a driving school Goodmayes way, look no further than Atlas Driving School. You can find us online at, by emailing or by calling on 0800 955 3000.