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Driving School Brixton - Tips For Passing Your Practical Test

Driving school Brixton may be something you've already looked for. Or perhaps you've already had a few lessons and aren't sure if you're learning much from your current instructor. Either way, you want to be prepared for when you take your practical test. We are here to give you a few tips to help with this.

Your practical driving test is a daunting experience – so doing everything you can to prepare is sensible. The best level of preparation is to know what to expect and to get good at it. When taking your practical test, you'll visit the driving test centre for an eyesight check. It's good to visit your opticians and get your eyes tested beforehand. And it's also something that you can test on your own with any parked car out on the street. After that, you're asked two questions relating to vehicle safety (called 'show and tell' questions). There are only 15 show and 15 tell questions to learn in total, making this far easier to navigate than your theory test. After you get through this, it's down to your driving. First, the examiner gives you step-by-step directions to follow around a set route. Here, you should drive like your instructor in your driving lessons London way as opposed to your friends and family. You'll be asked to perform a reversing exercise – either reverse parking, a turn in the road or reversing round a corner. Then you will perform an emergency stop. For the final part, you drive independently. The examiner will give you a set of directions and you will be expected to show you can drive safely. So in order to ensure your test is successful, you need a good driving school London way to teach you everything correctly.

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