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Driving Lessons London – Top Tips For Finding The Best Driving Instructor

Driving lessons London: if you are looking for these, you might already be understandably nervous about learning to drive. Not only can the process be terrifying, it can also be a very costly venture to undertake. Though expensive driving instructors certainly abound in London, learning to drive needn’t be as stressful as you think, though. If you put a little effort into finding the right driving instructor, you could end up with affordable lessons that fill you with confidence. With that in mind, here are a few helpful hints to help you find tuition that will not cost the earth and will prepare you well for your driving test.

Cheap Driving Lessons London – Are They Value For Money?

Of course, learning to drive is notoriously costly, and when we start our search for a driving instructor, we will invariably want cheap driving lessons London. This is a reasonable requirement, and you should certainly learn to look past the many over-costly services out there. But you also shouldn’t focus on price and price alone. The cheapest lessons won’t necessarily be the best out there. When it comes to the important decisions and purchases in life, it makes sense to pay for quality. Driving is a serious business, and you want to make sure that you find a driving instructor who can help you learn to drive competently and safely. If you settle for poor quality lessons, you might find yourself failing your test over and over again, paying out more in the long run. So whether you are looking for cheap driving lessons Croydon or wider London based, you might want to take into consideration what you are getting for your money. You should ask about offers on post-test tuition, motorway lessons or other discounts on extras. No matter whether you are looking for lessons in Ilford, Bromley or Barking, you should look at value for money rather than absolute bottom cost.

Driving School London – How To Choose Your Instructor

As mentioned, cost is an important factor. Some driving school London lessons can be suspiciously cheap for a reason. If you are looking at under £15 for the first hour, ask how the driving instructor can afford that price. The last thing you want is to hire an amateur or inexperienced instructor, so make sure that the individual you are considering holds all the necessary paperwork. Whether you are looking at a driving school Bromley based, or in Romford, all driving instructors should be registered. Your instructor should have a valid licence to teach, which is issued by the Driving Standards Agency. Make sure that this licence is displayed clearly on the driver’s windscreen, to prove they are legitimate. All driving instructors must pass a criminal records check before they can teach. Some will hold a pink permit. A pink permit allows an instructor to give students driving lessons London or elsewhere in the country; but signifies that he or she is not yet fully qualified and is in training. If you are comfortable with this, you should expect a concession on your rate. If you want the best tuition, insist on a teacher who is fully qualified and therefore holds a green badge.

Cheap Driving Lessons London – Taking The Test

The ultimate goal of cheap driving lessons London is to be able to drive. But driving lessons on their own won’t get you a full driving licence. Wherever you are taking your lessons in London or elsewhere, you will need to pass a driving test to be qualified. The process has two stages, involving both a theory test and a practical exam. It is worth looking at what help your driving lessons London offer, as not all will provide help with the theory test. Make sure that your driving instructor can help you with your theory test, and buy a good book or some software to help you practise. A good driving instructor website will provide a link to a free online practice test. After you have passed your theory test, you will be able to sit your practical exam. Find a driving instructor with whom you can pre-agree a date for you to take your test. A good driving instructor can help you work out a timetable for lessons and advise on how many hours you will need to stand a good chance in your practical. Bear in mind that the national average pass rate is only 43%, so hope for the best, but be prepared to take the practical test more than once. Whether you are investing in cheap driving lessons Wimbledon or in Tooting, a good driving instructor can help you improve those odds.

Driving School London – Other Tips

There are a few other golden tips to bear in mind. Firstly, make sure you know how long a lesson actually is, as the times can vary between different companies. You will want to make sure that the instructor does not pick up other pupils or run errands while the clock is ticking. Whichever driving school London you choose, you will also want to make sure that the car you will be driving in is in good condition. Driving in a piece of scrap metal won’t do anything for your confidence on the road and could be dangerous. Check that the car you will be driving has dual controls, to put your mind at ease the first few times you get behind the wheel. It is also worth checking whether or not your driving school Wandsworth based or elsewhere has spare cars in case of a breakdown. Make a note of whether or not the instructor at your driving school keeps a record of your progress. The more involved they appear in your progress and learning, the better the quality of the teaching you are likely to receive. Even considering all this, it is sometimes hard to decide between different driving schools. To be sure of great teaching at a fantastic price, why not start with Atlas Driving School?

Source The Best Driving Lessons London From Atlas Driving School

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