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Cheap Driving Lessons Tooting - The First Lesson

Cheap driving lessons Tooting are what you are no doubt looking for, but you're probably already visualising how your first lesson is going to be. Some of you may be relishing the opportunity; others may be recoiling in horror at their impending failure! Either way, it helps to go through a checklist of what to expect from your first lesson.

But your driving lessons London way don't start the moment you meet your instructor and get in the car – the preparation begins the night before. Get to sleep early, avoid alcohol and have a good, hearty breakfast. Double check you've got your times and locations for the lesson right, dress in shoes that are thin, comfort and non-slip and take your glasses if you need them. Oh, and don't forget your provisional licence – you're going to have to get used to carrying your licence around, after all. Once you get in the car, and have had the chance to have a little chat with your instructor, they will go through a drill and get you feeling okay with the basics. They'll teach you what to do before you start driving – securing the doors, adjusting your seat and steering position, putting on your seatbelt and adjusting your mirrors. Then you'll be shown how to handle the handbrake, indicator, clutch, accelerator and the brake – and if you're in a manual, how to change gear. Don't be afraid to ask questions – that's why your instructor is there. Then it's time to start the engine and the rest will fall into place! It's something to definitely look forward to but, for now, you just want to find cheap driving lessons London way.

And you've come to the right place – because Atlas Driving School does just that. We offer cheap driving lessons Tooting, south London and east London wide. To find out more about our experienced and friendly team, visit, call 0800 955 3000 or email