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Cheap Driving Lessons Romford - Learning On Automatic Or Manual?

Cheap driving lessons Romford way are something that everyone in the area appreciates. However, there are certain reasons as to why you may need a specific type of instructor. For example, what if you're keen on learning in an automatic? In this article, we're going to go over the general advantages and disadvantages of both automatic and manual transmissions.

While automatic is the vastly preferred option in America, the manual gearbox is still prominent in the UK for a number of reasons – such as manual cars being cheaper than automatics here. Because so few are manufactured in the UK compared to manuals, and because the process is more complicated than building a manual gearbox, this makes them less common on the roads. Also, if you learn in a manual, once you pass your test you are also licensed to drive an automatic. When you learn in an automatic, you are not licensed to drive a manual; and most people end up taking further lessons. If your car breaks down, and your garage offers a courtesy car, this will often be a manual. Therefore, you'll have to find a garage that can provide you with an automatic – creating additional hassle. However, automatic transmission is undoubtedly easier to deal with. No need to constantly change gears and possibly end up out of gear. Also, automatics allow you to get to your test faster. However, driving lessons London wide with an automatic are more expensive per lesson. So if you're looking for cheap driving lessons London, manual lessons will offer you the best value for money overall. But for nervous drivers, automatic takes away the stress of dealing with a manual transmission.

No matter what transmission you use for your lessons, our team at Atlas Driving School can help. We tailor our cheap driving lessons Romford way to your needs – including lessons via either automatic or manual transmission. Contact us to book your lesson today by visiting, by emailing or by calling 0800 955 3000.