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Cheap Driving Lessons London – How Much Do They Cost?

Cheap driving lessons London - do they exist? If you have been on the search for driving lessons in London recently, you are likely to be dubious. But whatever we think about the cost of learning to drive, paying for driving lessons London is necessary if we want to learn safely with any chance of actually passing our driving test at the end of it. And while we can all admit to the necessity of a driving instructor in order to pass our tests, we’ll still inevitably want to keep costs to a minimum. So how should you go about trying to find a decent but inexpensive driving instructor in London?

The Cost Of Driving Lessons London

It’s often a false economy to ask parents or an older friend to teach you to drive. Bad habits formed at an early stage can be hard to get rid of, and can mean the difference between a pass and a fail. From the beginning, then, it is best to learn from someone who is trained to teach you how to pass your test. However, driving lessons London wide – or indeed anywhere - can be expensive. Even the cost of cheap driving lessons London can mount up. The spending starts with your provisional driving license, which costs £34. On average you will need around 45 hours of lessons to stand a chance of passing your test. The average cost of a one-hour driving lesson is around £25, so with up to 45 hours of lessons, the bills soon add up. You will also need to spend money on preparing for your theory test and on the theory test fee. The practical test costs too when learning to drive: £62 on weekdays, £75 on weekends. The spending doesn’t stop when you qualify, as insurance can cost an arm and a leg. Insurance for a provisional driver aged 17-19 costs on average £1,422. It soon mounts up. That is why keeping the costs down from the outset is important. The best way to do this is by sourcing cost-effective driving lessons in the first place. Finding quality yet cheap driving lessons Bromley or cheap driving lessons Lewisham can help cut the expense while improving your chances of passing first time, saving you having to pay out further for additional lessons and test fees.

How To Find Cheap Driving Lessons Clapham Or Elsewhere

Which begs the question, how do you find cheap driving lessons Clapham or wherever in London you might be? Driving lesson prices can vary wildly depending upon the instructor you choose, so it can pay to shop around before you sign up to driving lessons from a specific driving school London. Always bear in mind your longer term strategy: to learn to drive safely and well. It’s true that the cost of driving lessons seems a lot. Have you considered, though, what it might cost if you don’t learn well enough to pass your test on the first, second or even third time? There is no use paying less money for lower quality lessons, when you could pay a bit more from the outset and have a better chance of passing. As with anything in life, value is more important than being cheap. Some larger driving schools can offer great rates while still maintaining high standards in tuition because of economies of scale. They will also typically be able to offer sizeable discounts if you book in blocks or for multiple hours. Another potential money saver to consider is Pass Plus. The better quality driving schools will offer Pass Plus programs for newly qualified drivers, helping to improve driving skills and therefore reduce the chances of an expensive accident. You will also save money on insurance premiums. No doubt cheap driving lessons Wimbledon can be attractive at first glance, but you need to consider the bigger picture and invest wisely from the outset. At Atlas Driving School, you can guarantee quality teaching at incredibly good prices.

Quality, Effective Yet Cheap Driving Lessons London From Atlas Driving School

Atlas Driving School employs a host of qualified driving instructors who understand how to teach effectively, so that you stand a greater chance of passing your test the first time. We offer Pass Plus lessons to help keep down your insurance premium, and we also a fantastic deal for newly qualified drivers. Our driving lessons London are superb, but they are also cheap driving lessons London, at a wonderfully affordable rate of £17.50 for the first hour. If you would like to learn more, contact us at You can also phone us on 0800 955 3000. And of course, feel free to find out more by visiting