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Cheap Driving Lessons Croydon - Should You Bother With Advanced Lessons?

Cheap driving lessons Croydon way are what a lot of people still look for, even if they’ve just passed their driving test! That's because many people have heard about the 'Pass Plus' programme for drivers who have just recently passed their driving test – giving drivers confidence and more experience driving on the road.

Pass Plus is thought to be the best way to achieve this – particularly because it is further time performing driving lessons London way spent with an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). The purpose of this optional driving course is to allow new drivers to learn advanced driving techniques not covered in their cheap driving lessons London. As such, it is thought that drivers completing the Pass Plus programme are more alert in their reactions and have a reduced chance of being involved in accidents. There are six modules in total, comprising of driving in town, out of town, in all-weather, on dual carriageways, on motorways and at night. However, not all driving lessons are practically possible. For example, certain weather conditions and night driving may not be possible during hot summer days; and a motorway may not be nearby enough. So there may be an element of theory in these driving lessons. It takes about 6 hours to complete the driving programme and there is no examination to contend with. You are awarded a certificate, having been graded on each module – with you either having achieved or exceeded the standards required for a module. More than that, though, your confidence will increase and your chance of being involved in an accident decrease too.

So when it comes to Pass Plus lessons, you'll want exactly what you wanted from your original driving lessons: quality, cheap driving lessons Croydon way. And at Atlas Driving School, we can provide just that. Visit, call today to book on 0800 955 3000 or email us via